Cast List | "Jekyll & Hyde The Musical"

Scenic Theater | Pittsfield, NH


Show dates: Oct 28, 29, 30, & Nov 4, 5

Jekyll & Hyde Cast


Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde - Andrew Gibson

Emma Carew - Catherine Martinez

Lucy Harris - Seraphim Afflick

Gabriel John Utterson - Williams Schultz

Sir Danvers Carew - Wayne Sevin

Simon Stride - Nathan Smith

Lady Beaconsfield - Cindi Beattie

The Bishop of Basingstoke - Jonathan Babon

Lord Savage - Kevin Kennedy

General Lord Glossop - TBD

Sir Archibald Proops - Luca Pellegrine

Spider - Benjamin Lepage

Nellie - Cathy Williams

Poole - TBD

Bisset - Biagio Donini

The People of London:

Aristocrats, street people, prostitutes, Servants, Society Guests, policemen, and customers (Chorus/Ensemble)


Marie St Cyr (Red Rat), Emily St Cyr (Red Rat), Vivieanne Dauphinais (Red Rat), Desirae Aube (Red Rat), Tyler Fish (Red Rat), Madeline Leno (Red Rat), Jon Martin, Emily Guzzo, Beth Champagne, Cecily Schultz, Ashley Pence, Philip Reilly, Vicki Watson, Jeannie LeGrow, Tonjah Kelm, Sarah Manter, Amy Estes

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